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Data Sources

Index Source Year URL
GDP per capita (current US$) World Bank Data 2009
Ease of doing business World Bank Data 2010
Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) World Bank Data 2007-2008
Gini Index World Bank Data 2000-2008 SI.POV.GINI/countries?display=default
Inflation, average consumer prices (% change) IMF 2008 ft/weo/2010/02/weodata/weoselgr.aspx
Adult (15+) literacy rate (%)Total population  UNESCO 2007/8 ReportFolders/ReportFolders.aspx
Gender parity index for adult literacy rate UNESCO 2007/8 ReportFolders/ReportFolders.aspx
School enrollment, secondary (% net) World Bank Data 2008
Overall reading scale OECD (PISA) 2009 46643496.pdf
Overall mathematics scale OECD (PISA) 2009 46643496.pdf
Overall science scale OECD (PISA) 2009 46643496.pdf
GEF benefits index for biodiversity World Bank Data 2008
CO2 emissions(metric tons per capita) World Bank Data 2007 EN.ATM.CO2E.PC
Environmental Disasters (number of deaths) OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database 2009-2010
Industial/Transprort accidents (total number of affected) OFDA/CRED International Disaster Database 2007-2010
Hazardous waste generation UNSD 2004-2007 hazardous.htm
Overall Life Expectancy at Birth (in years) UNPD 2010 mortality.htm
Difference between female and male life expectancy at birth (2008, revised 2010) UNPD 2010 mortality.htm
Malnutrition prevalence, weight for age (% of children under 5) World Bank Data 2004-2008
Healthy life expectancy (in years) WHO 2004
Democracy Index Economist Intelligence Unit 2008 20Index%202008.pdf
Intentional homicide, rate per 100,000 population UNODC 2003-2008
Corruption perceptions index Transparency international 2010 research/surveys_indices/cpi/2010/results
Prison population rate (per 100000 of the population) International center for prison studies 2005 /research/icps/ downloads/world-prison-population-list-2005.pdf
Willingness to fight Economist Intelligence Unit 2010 gpi-data/#/2010/WILF
Level of violent crime Economist Intelligence Unit 2010 gpi-data/#/2010/CRIM
Total population (both sexes) UNPD 2010 all-wpp-indicators_components.htm